Which is better a collar and lead or a harness and lead?

Walking your dog is a great way to take some time out from your day, keep yourself and your dog exercised and give you time to bond with them.

I know when I am out walking Coco I often wonder who is walking who, and I have tried both a collar and a harness and have been undecided on which is best. Although she much prefers a free run!

There seems to be Pros and Cons to the harness

Pros to using a harness

It can stop your dog choking when they pull

Your dog won’t be able to slip out of a harness

You tend to have more control over the dog – although with a larger dog then can use their weight to pull harder at times.

Cons to using a harness

Often a harness can be hard to put on – and when a dog is excited about going for a walk it can be even harder to get it on!

Some dogs don’t like the feel of a harness on them.

They can be expensive, and it’s important they fit correctly – so cheap is not always a good idea!

As I said I am undecided on which is best – although one thing I do know is whichever you put on Coco she loves going out for a walk. Although I would wonder which she prefers herself and which she feels more comfortable in.

Which do you think is best for your dog? Collar or Harness?