5 Reasons Why Your Cat Would Love A Cat Sitter

Cat Sitter

Cat SitterA cattery can be a cold and lonely place for a cat. He’s around strange people and unfamiliar animals, stuck in a crate or in a small space that just doesn’t feel – or even smell – like home. At one time, people had little choice but to leave their beloved cats in a cattery when they traveled or went on holiday.

Today, however, a professional cat sitter can provide your cat with the same love and care he gets when you’re at home. It’s little wonder, then, that your cat would love a cat sitter. Here are five reasons your cat would probably give you if he could tell you why you should hire a pet sitter instead of sticking him in a cattery:

1. Cats love routine. Your cat, like you and each member of your family, has a routine he follows each day. He instinctively knows when it’s meal time. He goes outside at the same time each day, and perhaps you have scheduled play time every day. A cat sitter makes sure your cat maintains his routine which ensures he is happy and stress-free.

2. Cats are territorial. All cats have different personalities and their own preferences in toys, food, and even people, but one trait all cats share is they are territorial creatures. If you’ve ever introduced a new cat or a new pet into your home, you’ve likely heard hisses and have seen the raised tail. Another animal in your cat’s territory, at the cattery for example, can be extremely stressful and traumatic for your cat.

3. Cats need one-on-one social interaction. A professional pet sitter will give your cat the attention – whether it’s getting ear scratches or playing with a favorite toy – he deserves each visit. Every cat enjoys being spoiled and, unlike a cattery, a pet sitter provides one-on-one attention.

4. Your cat won’t have to go in the car. Cats traditionally do not like traveling in the car. Putting your cat in a carrier can be traumatic on him and stressful for you. And, if you’ve ever driven any length of time with a stressed out and unhappy cat, you can attest that such a drive can be loud and painful for everyone involved. A pet sitter saves you a stressful car ride.

5. There’s no place like home. Really, when it comes right down to it, there’s no place like home – for people or for animals. And, there’s no place your cat would rather sleep at night than in his own bed, to eat and to drink from his own bowls, and to play with his own toys.

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