Are you looking for someone to take care of your cat and give them lots of love – just like you do?

Maybe you’ve tried family, or other options, before and it’s not really worked out the way you wanted?

You worried about your cat

  • Did they get fed at the right time?
  • Did they get enough cuddles!
  • Did they remember to visit them at the times you wanted?

We understand exactly how you feel. We’ve felt the same way as you before.

Our pets are important to us and we want someone to take care of them that GETS that.

I heard of Pet Sitters Ireland through a friend and decided to try it out for my two Maine Coon cats. First I was impressed by the call from Judith explaining everything and asking all the right questions and then I met my pet sitter Fiona who was simply lovely and surprised me by checking on medical history of my cats. I also love getting an email after the visits telling me whether anything happened and I get a picture of my pets! It’s worth the money and puts my mind to rest. ~Nadine

Using a Cat Care Assistant from Pet Sitters Ireland means that:

  • You can travel away knowing your cat is getting visited at the times you specify
  • That someone is monitoring your visits
  • AND you are getting updates every day with cute pics of your cat

All you need to do to Join our Happy Cat Family and get the care you want for your cat is:

  1. Get in touch and tell us about your cat – we love talking all things cats.
  2. Let us give you a personalised quote that matches your cat’s normal routine. Maybe they like lots of love and visits or maybe they just like their own company.
  3. Meet with your Cat Care Assistant and get to know them
  4. And finally…Enjoy your trip knowing we have everything taken care of

Join our Happy Cat Family with 100’s and 100’s of other cat owners in Ireland and hire a Cat Care Assistant today.

Download Our Guide To Hiring a Cat Sitter (Including Frequently Asked Questions)