What Is The Dog Friendly Ireland Campaign? #DogFriendlyIrelandDay

Dog Friendly Ireland Day

Dog Friendly Ireland Day

There is no doubt that Ireland is a nation of animal lovers and we want to spend more time with our pets.

According to research by Dogs Trust 36% of households in Ireland own a Dog which is reportedly more than the UK at only 26%.

However, compared to the UK and Europe we are way behind when it comes to places you can take your dog for a dog friendly day out – something which dog owners want to see a change in.

What is #DogFriendlyIrelandDay?

On June 21st Dogs Trust are promoting a more dog friendly Ireland.

The Dogs Trust Dog Friendly Campaign is a movement to encourage places such as

  • Hotels
  • Workplaces
  • Hotels
  • Public Transport
  • Rental Accomadation

to become more dog friendly and let dogs into their premises.

Get out and about with your dog and use the hashtag #DogFriendlyIrelandDay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when sharing pictures of your pets.


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What Are the Benefits of Business/Place Being Dog Friendly?

For dog owners it’s an obvious answer…. they would love to spend more time with their dogs.

But there are lots of other benefits which Dogs Trust have highlighted in their campaign.

Social Support

Dogs can be a great companion to humans and are proven to reduce depression and increase self-esteem. It can be easier to attend events when you have your dog with you as emotional support.

A dog is also a great conversation starter and can make meeting people and making new friends much easier.

Helps You Keep Fit and Healthy

According to Dogs Trust dog owners walk on average 79% further each week than non-dog owners!

And like any exercise we know that it releases Serotonin which is similar to the happy feelings you get from eating a bar of chocolate!

According to Dogs Trust Pet Ownership also is associated with lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improved heart health.

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Reduce Stress

It’s thought that having a dog in the workplace can reduce stress not just for dog owners but other members of the workplace.

I know from experience being able to have your dog with you while you work can be great. It encourages you to take breaks away from the PC to walk them and who doesn’t love some extra cuddles during the day.

Workers in dog friendly environments also report that it makes them more productive having their dog with them.


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What To Do If You Are Visiting a Dog Friendly Venue

  1. Get your dog used to being out and about. If you dog is not used to crowds, then it is best to get them used to new surroundings. Maybe take trips to quieter locations to get them used to new people first.
  2. Make sure you have your supplies – poo bags are a must! And if you are planning to spend some time in a place then make sure you take them out to the bathroom regularly. You don’t want any accidents.
  3. Keep vaccinations up to date, along with flea medication.
  4. Always have your dog on a lead and don’t leave them unattended. Dog theft is a big problem in Ireland so make sure you always have eyes on your dog.
  5. Make sure you have treats and water if needed.
  6. Have FUN!!!


We look forward to seeing all your #DogFriendlyIrelandDay Pictures.

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