Delux Doggie Holidays

Would Your Dog Love A Delux Doggie Holiday Of Their Own?

If you are looking for someone to take care of your dog when you go away then a Delux Doggie Holiday might just be perfect for them.

Our Doggie Holidays are a little bit different to the normal Dog Boarding …they are designed for very special dogs who want 1 to 1 care and don’t like to share their home with lots of other dogs.

They want to know their temporary family is going to pamper them, spend time with them and make sure they are getting just as much love as they normally do.

Does that sound like the service you are looking for?


Dog Owners Choose Pet Sitters Ireland Doggie Holidays because

  1. They want their pets to enjoy a home from home experience – without lots of other dogs pushing their dog’s nose out
  2. They feel their pets would be happier with 1 to 1 in home care – because that’s what they are used to.
  3. They want to know they have the company owner to call on if they have any questions. (I mean imagine being away and not being able to get in touch with anyone…or worse the person looking after your dog tells you they can no longer care for your dog)

Do these sounds like things that are important to you?

Delux Dog Holiday

What Happens When You Book Your Doggie Holiday

All dogs go on a ‘Paw’rientation before you travel away. Your dog needs to give their new home the sniff of approval right?

We also want to know you are happy with the Doggie Holiday location… happy customers are important to us.

While you are away you will receive twice daily pet care journals updating you on your dogs and providing you with pictures of them on walks, playing and having fun. Basically… having as much fun as you are on your holiday.

Sounds good right?


If this Delux Doggie Experience sounds like a good match for your dog then we can’t wait to hear from you and your dog.

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