Would You Prefer Your Pets To Stay In Another Pet Lovers Home When You Go Away?

Pet owners choose Pet Sitters Ireland Home Boarding because:

1. They want their pets to enjoy a home from home experience.

2. They feel their pets would be happier with 1 to 1 in home care.

3. They are looking for the most professional and reliable home boarding service in town.

What Is Home Boarding?

Home Boarding provides an opportunity for your pets to stay in the home of another pet lover. One of our Host Families will take care of them in the same way that you do. They will walk them, feed them and care for them in their home according to your specific instructions.

We have 3 rules for our Hosts to give you total peace of mind.

  1. They don’t have small children in the home around your pets.
  2. In most cases they don’t currently have any pets of their own (but have owned pets in the past).
  3. They have a secure and private garden.

Our Hosts are loving families that are not away from the home for a period of time longer than 3-4 hours and they have a genuine love of animals.

What Happens When You Choose Home Boarding?

All pets go on a ‘Paw’rientation to the Host Family before you travel away. It’s important to us that it’s a good match for everyone and that you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your pets are in good hands. It’s also important for your pets to get to know their Host family.

Pet Sitters Ireland are available for the Host family 24/7 in case of emergency, so you can rest assured that we are making sure everything is being done according to your instructions.

While you are away you will receive twice daily pet care journals updating you on your pets and providing you with pictures of them on walks, playing and having fun.

Got Questions About Using Our Home Boarding Service?

In our experience of talking to 1000’s of Pet Owners in Ireland we know that these are the most common questions they ask. If you have other questions then please feel free to contact us or call 1800 30 30 10.

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