How Can A Pet Sitter Make Your Home More Secure?

Leaving home doesn’t just cause concern for pet owners’ about the health and well-being of their beloved pets. Many homeowners also worry about the security of their homes: Will they return home to an unexpected leak that has flooded the house or a broken heating system that has resulted in cold pets?

Ease your concerns about your pets and your home. Pet Sitters Ireland’s staff of professional pet sitters takes precautions to ensure your home is more secure while you are away.

5 Ways a Pet Sitter Can Make Your Home More Secure

Turn the lights on and off

Drive or take a stroll down the street in the evening and look at the houses. You probably just assume that there’s someone home when you see a lit house and no one home when the house is dark. A house that is dark all day and night or lit 24 hours a day is a sure sign that no one’s home. Turning lights off during the day and on in the evening will give your home a lived in look and that’s just what your professional pet sitter will do.

Pick up the post

Overflowing post can alert neighbors and those of unsavory character that you’re not home. We pick up the post and put it in a secure place in your home to ensure that none of it gets lost and to give the appearance that someone is home like normal.

Bring in the bins

Bins left outside after rubbish pickup provides pretty solid clues that no one is home. A professional pet sitter with Pet Sitters Ireland will bring in your bins and put them out again just in time for pickup to give an appearance that someone is home.


Take immediate action in an emergency

Imagine returning to a flooded home. Fortunately, a pet sitting professional can take immediate action, starting with contacting you immediately, when the unexpected occurs, which will help minimize the risk of long term damage to your home.

Be discreet

But, all of those precautions become meaningless if you do not have a professional pet sitter who remains discreet at all times. Pet Sitters Ireland’s professional pet sitters never wear uniforms nor do they display signs on their vehicles. Discretion is key to ensuring your pets’ and your home’s security.

What is your biggest concern when you are away from home?



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