How Much Does A Pet Sitter / Dog Walker Cost?

Pet Sitter Cost

Probably one of the most common questions that we get asked is how much does a Pet Sitter cost or Dog Walker cost? and Do you have a price list? 

In this article we outline the factors that affect cost and the range of prices you can expect to pay when using the services of Pet Sitters Ireland

Pet Sitter Cost

There are quite a few factors to consider when hiring a Pet Sitter aside from the cost. Who are you letting into your home? Are they a registered and insured business? How will you know they have been? What is the protocol if they got sick when you were away? Our Pet Sitters Ireland certification covers all of these things and outlines how we deal with them.

That being said when you hire a Pet Sitter you can expect costs to vary dramatically. It goes without saying that an insured and legitimate business will cost a lot more than a neighbourhood kid who might offer to care for your pets.

Daily visits generally start around 21 euro per visit. (Same Price 1 – 3 pets)

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Cat Sitter Cost

There is very little difference between Pet Sitting and Cat Sitting, however we do offer different packages for cat only customers as we realise that sometimes a cat only household can have a very different routine to a multi pet household.

Some cats don’t want us to spend as much time with them and others like more frequent shorter visits so they can be let out and back in during the day.

Cat Visits generally start around 21 euro, with shorter multi visit options available. (Same Price 1 – 3 pets)

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Dog Walker Cost

All of the Dog Walks that we offer at Pet Sitters Ireland are private 1 to 1 walks. We do not offer group walks for a number of reasons, the main being the safety of your own pets. If we let your dog off the lead then we no longer have control over the situation and we cannot guarantee the safety of them.

We do however offer lots of great options for daily and adhoc dog walks ranging from around 12.50 – 24 euro a dog walk depending on the type of visit and length of walk.  (Same Price 1 – 3 dogs)

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Overnight Pet Sitting

In home boarding is not a service that we offer, however we do offer an Overnight Pet Sitting Service where we can come to your home and sleep over with your pets. We can cuddle up with them while they watch a movie, tuck them in at night and then be there in the morning when they wake up and make their breakfast.

A sleepover for 12 hours cost 113.50 euro.

A sleepover for 12 hours plus a midday visit costs 124.85 euro.

Wedding Visits

Our Wedding Service is increasingly popular with more people wanting to include their dog in their wedding. Very often all family members are involved in the wedding so it makes more sense for us to take care of transporting the dog to the wedding, making sure they are ready for photos, taking them home and caring for them while the guests enjoy the rest of the day.

The cost of the Wedding service starts at 250 euro. Prices do vary depending on the duration, location and travel involved.

How Do I Find Out an Exact Cost?

Because we customise all our visits to meet your pets needs it’s important to get in touch with us and tell us more about your pets and how we can help you.

Let us know all about how you normally take care of them and we can make sure we match that with a very similar service, meaning less disruption for you pets.

We can then put together a quote for your visits, giving you a number of different options to see which suits you best.

Do We Cover Your Area?

We operate a Nationwide service 24/7, 365 days a year.

How Do You Get in Touch?

Request information via our contact form

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Got More Questions?

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