Dublin Pet Sitter: Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter In Dublin

Dublin Pet Sitter

Dublin Pet Sitter

You have plans to go on holiday, to head away for the weekend, or you just need someone to watch your pets while you are gone overnight. But how do you know which Dublin Pet Sitter to hire?

You might have already heard accolades about how much a professional pet sitting company can help by taking care of your pets when you cannot.

But, if you’ve never used a pet sitter before, you might also have questions and concerns that are holding you back from hiring a professional pet sitting company.

Here are some common questions Pet Sitters Ireland often hears from prospective clients:

What Is Pet Sitting?

The professional pet sitting industry has grown considerably in the last decade or so. A professional pet sitter cares for a variety of pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds – while the pets remain in the comfort of their own home.

Many professional pet sitting companies offer daily visits in addition to an overnight pet sitting service.

What Tasks Does A Dublin Pet Sitter Perform?

That really depends on YOU. A professional pet sitting company should ask you questions to determine how you care for your pets and what you want the pet sitter to do during visits. Perhaps, for example, you may want the pet sitter to feed your pet, to put his toys away, and to give him other toys, and so on. A pet sitter can also turn lights on and off to give your home a lived in look, bring in the post, and water your plants.

How Often Does A Dublin Pet Sitter Visit?

Again, that depends fully on you and your pet’s needs. Some people have a pet sitter come in once daily while others book two or three visits each day.

How Do I Know If A Pet Sitter Is Professional?

A professional pet sitting company or a professional pet sitter will have insurance, experience with pets, and can provide testimonials or references from previous clients.

How Do I Get Started?

Opt for a professional pet sitting company, like Pet Sitters Ireland, which requires a Free Meet and Greet as the first step. The assigned pet sitter will visit you and your pets at your home to ensure it’s a good match. (If you don’t feel comfortable with the pet sitter, most professional pet sitting companies will send another pet sitter to ensure you feel comfortable.) After the Meet and Greet, you will be able to schedule as many visits each day as you want.

A professional pet sitting company can make your life easier and much less stressful.

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