What Does A Pet Sitter Do? Benefits of Hiring A Pet Sitter

what does a pet sitter do

Several decades ago, most people took their pets with them when they went on holiday, boarded them at a kennel or a cattery, or had a neighbour or a family member pop in every day to check on their pets at home. And, in some cases, none of those was an option, resulting in individuals canceling their holiday.

With the emergence of pet sitting as a viable, popular option, you can now engage the services of a professional pet sitter when you cannot be there to care for your pet. But, what does a pet sitter do?

What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

Meets with new clients for an initial meeting.

Before you ever schedule an appointment with a professional pet sitter from Pet Sitters Ireland, you will have an initial, free meet and greet with your prospective pet sitter. During the initial meeting, your pet will get to meet – and to see if she is compatible with – the pet sitter.

Helps you create a visit schedule.

Based on your pet’s specific needs, you will create a daily visitation schedule for the time you need a pet sitter. Some people feel comfortable with having a pet sitter drop in once daily to care for their pets. But, if your pet needs medication or needs time outside to use the toilet, you might want to schedule a minimum of two visits each day.

Please note that for the safety of your pets, Pet Sitters Ireland no longer offers every other day pet sitting for cats.

Provides specific care for your pet(s).

You know how you want your pets cared for and your pets have a routine in which they are comfortable. A professional pet sitter will provide the exact care for your pets as you have specified in the original meet and greet.

Brings in post and waters plants.

Ensuring your pet’s safety while you’re away from home also means keeping your home secure. Your professional pet sitter will bring in the post daily and turn lights on and off so it looks like someone is home. She’ll also water your plants so they remain healthy.

Gives you daily updates.

After each visit, you will receive an update from your pet sitter, letting you know how the visit went, how well your pet is doing, and confirming that your pet and your home are both safe.

What is the most important thing a pet sitter can do for you?



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